Rocks in My Head

Mmmm, let me rephrase that title – it’s more like “Rocks on My Mind.”

I’ve been very fortunate to travel to many parts of this beautiful planet and hope to get out there again sometime soon in 2021. In those trips I was often mesmerized by the local geology. Whether it’s on the Pacific Coast, Alaska, Norway, Iceland, Hawaii, Canadian Rockies, New Zealand, the Southwest USA or just about anywhere, rocks and rock formations can attract the photographer’s eye. A little water in the scene might add interest and soften the stark hardness of the rocks.

There are many examples in my galleries where rocks are a prominent feature. For example, here’s one that I took during a hike in Norway.

On the Rocks, Norway

There’s a lot going on in this photo – rocks of different sizes cascading down the scene, small pools, flowing water coming in from the left imparting contrast. I particularly like the moss that’s growing on the rocks. It adds color and makes the scene more inviting. This is not an epic photo of, let’s say, a dramatic mountain range lit by a gorgeous sunset, but it is a quiet little piece of landscape that provided some tranquility as I paused to just take in the environment while on a hike.

OK, so maybe I do have rocks in my head for taking photos like this, but this geology, topped with a bit of biology, and a little moving water thrown in, brought peace to my mind.