Bowling Ball Beach

As I write this, we are ordered to stay sheltered at home due to the coronavirus sweeping our nation right now. The beaches in our area are closed, so I’ve been looking at all of the photos that I took of the California coast to at least transport my imagination to some of the most beautiful sites in our state.

The image I used for this post was taken at Bowling Ball Beach. It’s located off of Hwy 1 in Mendocino County. It was a bit of an ordeal to find it. Once I parked the car and headed to the beach, I found that the stairs to get down to the beach were rickety and broken at the bottom. So it was a little tricky getting to the beach with all of my gear in hand. It’s a pretty good walk to get to the “bowling balls,” but it’s certainly worth it. Despite some kid trying to photo bomb my shots, and getting wet shoes in the process of taking long exposure photos, I was very happy with the experience and the results.

You can see this photo and some of my other favorites in California Coast.