The World Awaits

Now that I’ve had both shots of the vaccine, I’m starting to get anxious to get back on the road. So far, I’ve only ventured out to a few spots in Sonoma County. It felt good to get the dust off my camera and shoot again.

I took a few photos of the hills, vineyards, and mustard in Sonoma Valley. One of them was captured just after a storm, when the clouds were breaking up and rays of sunshine illuminated the hills. I’ve posted it below.

I also went out to the coast with my son to get some nice shots of the rocks and waves. Well, this short trip didn’t turn out so well. There were gale force winds on the coast, and we had a hard time keeping our cameras steady. Even the tripods were wobbling. We had hoped to stay until sundown, but opted instead to enjoy some fish and chips outdoors at a small, yet wind-protected, restaurant in Bodega Bay, then head home.

I’m planning on taking some big trips, but those probably won’t start until 2022. In the meantime, I’ll stick close to home, and be sure to check the weather report before I head out again to the Sonoma Coast. Take care, everyone, and take some photos when you can!

Sunlit Hills, Sonoma Valley