Traveling at My Home

While we continue to shelter at home here in Sonoma, I’ve been busy looking through my old photographs. I’ve had the fortune to travel to many different countries over the years and I’ve been revisiting them on my computer from the confines of my studio.

Of course, this gives me the opportunity to reminisce about some of the great times I’ve had in the past. But it also gives me the opportunity to look at my photographs anew. Sometimes I’m horrified and wonder, “What was I thinking? What made me believe that this was a masterpiece in the making?” But other times I think, “This one has potential. Why did I not process this?” One thing I do notice, however, is that my compositions have improved over the years and so has my processing.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with some new approaches to processing, mostly with black and white photos. The featured image under the title, and shown in full below, is one such example. It’s a scene of some mountains in the middle of nowhere in Iceland. I processed it to bring out strong contrast and emphasis of the soft light illuminating the mountains. I’ve been guided in this effort by a book written by Scottish landscape photographer and educator, Alister Benn. His book, titled “Luminosity & Contrast,” is very well written and talks about creativity and expressive landscape photography. I’ve been enjoying his lessons on YouTube as well.

I’ll be posting more examples of this type of work in my galleries, mainly Iceland, Norway and Alaska, where dramatic landscape scenes are plentiful. Enjoy the journey.